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Jewel sandals with Swarovski crystals

Comfortable and versatile, sandals are the must have of the summer, from the classic Capri sandals to the jeweled ones embellished with Swarovsky crystals.

Combining craftsmanship and design, in our creative laboratory we create sandals entirely by hand and made to measure with an artisanal manufacturing process that is handed down from generation to generation and has excellence as its aim.

The constant commitment to pursuing quality and attention to detail makes us proud heirs of Italian craftsmanship and proud interpreters of Made in Italy.

Sandali Gioiello

Jeweled Sandals

Swarovski jewel sandals made entirely by hand with high quality costume jewelery with Crystals from Swarovski© crystals, corals, turquoises, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Sandali alla Schiava

Slave sandals

Slave sandals, flip-flop models handmade exclusively with 100% Italian top quality Tuscan leather, leather, suede or velvet.

Sandali Capri in Pelle

Capri leather sandals

Capri Leather Sandals Dea Sandals, collection of classic Capri sandals created by hand from the fusion of skills and artisanal gestures typical of the ancient Capri tradition.

Sandali Sposa

Wedding Sandals

Sandals to wear on the wedding day made and personalized for you and your outfit, low, with high heel or wedge, an exclusive and original must-have accessory.


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Sandali Swarovski Certificati

Certified Swarovski Sandals

All the products of the Dea Sandals Jewel Sandals Line are made exclusively with Swarovski crystals. The certainty of purchasing sandals with Swarovski crystals is given by the presence of the guarantee seal which shows, in addition to the hologram, a unique 16-digit identification code on the front of the tag. With the code you can verify online that the product is made with original Swarovski crystals, check (click on the following button).

Personalizzazione dei sandali

Custom Capri Sandals

To satisfy the needs of exclusivity and uniqueness we offer a customization service which, based on specific indications provided by the customer, allows us to create a sandal capable of fully expressing the customer's style and creativity. Our goal is to establish a relationship with the customer, allowing him to transform a product into a unique and exclusive object. Handcrafted and personalized sandals that, when worn, take on the customer's features.

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