Capri Sandals

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Capri Sandals original Dea Sandals

Capri Sandals Dea Sandals, a collection of classic Capri sandals born thanks to the fusion of skills and hand-crafted gestures typical of the Capri tradition with the very first quality of 100% Italian materials.

Capri sandals original with simple and elegant lines

Capri Sandals Dea Sandals handmade flip flop model with flat heel from 1.5 cm to 4.5 cm. Made exclusively in top quality leather with upper or strap fixed to the leather sole exclusively with nails.

Capri Sandals Dea Sandals, exclusively handmade, are not mass produced and we do not stock up on stock. We make Capri sandals exclusively to order with the advantage of offering customers tailor-made processing with the possibility of choosing the color of the leather to be used.

The Capri sandals are produced with sole exclusively of Vero Cuoio Italiano (certified Tuscan leather) attaching the traceability certificate to each sandal. The leather used is covered with medium density. The staking causes a softening of the skin by stretching, making it more yielding and in fact more comfortable and convenient.

We strengthen the sole by inserting a metal sheet between the different layers of hand-stitched leather, which makes the Capri sandal more stable and resistant. We finish all our Capri sandals with a non-slip application for both heel and sole. We use only first choice certified Italian calfskin / kid leather. All our Capri sandals are lined with genuine leather. Capri Dea Sandals sandals have leather or wood heels wrapped in leather made entirely by hand.