Measurement Guide

The Dea Sandals Capri sandals have standard and regular fit sizes so if you normally wear size 38 for this type of footwear (sandals) you must choose size 38 38.

In the following table (Table of correspondence between foot length / EU size) it is possible to define which foot length corresponds to our EU measurement system.

Example: if your foot is 24 centimeters long, the size of the sandals you need to buy is EU 38.

We recommend making your sandals to measure simply by indicating two dimensions "foot length" and "instep measurement" if it is a thong sandal. If, on the other hand, it is a non-thong sandal, it is also necessary to take the measurement of the front band. Follow the steps in the following figures:

Take the measurement of the instep

Measure the instep while standing. Place a common tape measure on the instep as shown in the following image, so that the tape adheres to the skin but without particularly tightening.

misura del collo del piede

Foot size for non-thong sandals

If you have chosen models of non-thong sandals in addition to the measurement of the instep, it is necessary to measure the front part of the foot. This measurement (as shown in the following image) is taken while standing, using the tape measure so that it adheres to the skin.

Misura del piede per sandali non infradito

Detect the length of the foot

While standing, place your bare foot on a sheet of paper, draw a straight line at the heel and the other at the big toe, with a ruler measure the distance between the heel line and that of the big toe. (see figure)

Rilevamento misura del piede
Correspondence table
foot lengthEU
21,5 cm34
22 cm35
23 cm36
23,5 cm37
24 cm38
25 cm39
25,7 cm40
26,5 cm41
27 cm42
28 cm43
28,5 cm44
29 cm45

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