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Sandali Capresi Dea Sandals

The brand Dea Sandals comes from the natural evolution of an old craft, the cobbler.

We carry this craft passionately, placing ourselves at the confines of art and craftsmanship, combining craftsmanship and design, quality and preciousness into a synthesis that has endless excellence.


Spread the knowledge of Capri sandals, creations of high craftsmanship and noble expression of a small territory beyond the local boundaries to make this footwear purchasable at a global scale.

Dea Sandals Capri Lab in Temporary Store

In line with our corporate mission, we adopt more commercial formulas with Trunk Show Dea Sandals events in Italy and abroad that allow us to expand our customers and combat seasonality of demand. With the Temporary Store concept we are present in craft and fashion events in Italy and abroad. Dea Sandals Capri Lab is a real *handicraft workshop* for handmade and tailor made by the clientele of *Capri Sandals*, recreating the picturesque atmosphere of the glamorous craft shops of Capri and Positano, an ideal place for women to enjoy a fascinating shopping experience customized.

Dea Sandals Capri

Dea Sandals Capri Shop Online

We are online with eshop deasandals.com with the goal of opening our artisan workshop to the world, using the new communication channels but fostering our historical and cultural roots, preciousness and craft skills in creating unique products But always made with the quality of 100% Italian materials.

Capri Jewels Sandals

We produce dedicated and personalized capri jewels sandals lines even in exclusive. A dynamic sales team allows us to study classical product lines or in line with new aesthetic currents, and also based on a specific reference target derived from a careful market analysis in which the customer operates.

Knowing the target allows us to implement well-planned marketing strategies for business success.

Jewel sandals with heels of various heights

The entire collection of Sandals Gioiello Dea Sandals is made with comfort heels that guarantee stability and practicality. The height of the heels varies from the very low heel, typical capri of 1.5 centimeters, to the medium heel of 2.5 centimeters, to the highest of 4.5 centimeters.

During the purchase phase, as well as the size of the foot, the heel height can be selected.

15 mm heel
25 mm heel
45 mm heel

Smartshoe, promoted by the Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana

Smartshoe, promosso dal Consorzio Cuoio di Toscana

In order to guarantee our customers the absolute excellence of the raw materials with which we create all the creations and the traceability of the supply chain, we insert an invisible Sole into an NFC TAG. Just bring your smartphone to the shoe to access the product identity card and find out all the information about the origin and processing method.


The business philosophy of Dea Sandals is simple: it is plain to establish relationships with the customer by customizing relationships, interpreting the needs best suited to meet his expectations and stir emotions.