The Dea Sandals brand was born from the natural evolution of an ancient craft, the cobbler.

We carry out this profession with passion, placing ourselves on the border between art and craftsmanship, combining manual skills and design, quality and preciousness in a synthesis that always has excellence as its goal.

All our products are made exclusively by hand. The features that distinguish the Dea Sandals Capri collection are:

Certificato Cuoio di Toscana

Soles in certified Tuscan leather

For the sole we use only Tuscan leather, attaching a traceability certificate with serial number to each sandal.

With a natural process we treat our leather obtaining a softening of the leather making it more yielding and in fact more comfortable, comfortable and flexible.

Stable and resistant soles for Capri sandals

We reinforce the sole with a fiber insert that makes the sandal more stable and resistant following the arch of the foot, preventing it from sagging in the central part.

Our soles feature a non-slip rubber application to optimize grip.

suola in cuoio rinforzata

Certified Swarovski Crystals

For the jeweled sandals line we only use certified Swarovski crystals that are individually set by hand with claws like the classic setting of diamonds.

The certainty of buying sandals with Swarovski crystals is given by the presence of the guarantee seal which shows an identification code on the tag. With the code you can check online at that the product is made by a Swarovski certified company.

SMART QUALITY promoted by consorzio Cuoio di Toscana.

Added value to true Made in Italy high craftsmanship, technology to guarantee quality.

Dea Sandals adheres to the SMART QUALITY project promoted by the Tuscan Leather Consortium.

The project provides, with the use of NFC technology that all mobile devices and smartphones are equipped with, access to the product identity card that certifies the absolute excellence of raw materials with the exclusive use of Tuscan leather.


Spreading the knowledge of Capri Sandals and Jewel Sandals with Crystals from Swarovski that are customizable and made to measure, beyond local borders to make this shoe affordable globally.

Private label

In addition to the Dea Sandals brand, we also produce dedicated and exclusive collections in private labels. A dynamic commercial team allows us to study product lines in a classic style or in line with your brand on the basis of a specific reference target deduced from a careful analysis of the market in which the customer operates.