Jeweled Sandals

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Jeweled Sandals not only for ceremonies and special occasions.

Jeweled Sandals made entirely by hand with high quality jewelery with Crystals from Swarovski ©, corals, turquoises, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Jewel sandals small handcrafted masterpieces, the detail in the style that can make the difference in the definition of a refined look.

Gleaming, stunning jeweled sandals with a sophisticated, eccentric and elegant design that best enhance the silhouette. The essential accessory for all those women who love to stand out for their elegance, not to be noticed but to be remembered.

Jeweled Sandals Dea Sandals Capri.

Jeweled Sandals are shoes that give elegance even with an informal, casual outfit. They are an accessory that can be worn with a pair of jeans or a short one. They also give personality to an anonymous look and on less important occasions such as a dinner with friends or a date.

Jeweled Sandals are perfect to be worn during the day, perhaps during important events to complete elegant clothing with taste. If worn in the evening they appear to be appropriate even on simpler occasions.

Jewel sandals, from simple footwear to exclusive jewelery!

Jewel sandals have established themselves as fashion items around the 1970s and, over time, innovative models have always made their appearance with striking details, enriched with decorations such as beads, rhinestones and precious stones.

In recent years the collections of Jeweled Sandals have been characterized by excess that becomes a trend, with bright colors and the absence of half-measures also for heels, passing from the ground to the heel 12 with the plateau, on the other hand it is now understood that elegance is not exclusive to heels and that even with flat shoes you can be refined and very chic. In fact, the low, flat jeweled sandals are very much appreciated by the very young, perfect with both long and wide skirts returned to the limelight, and with the mini witty pastel color.

Jewel sandals are ideal for making your look more defined and precious, they will be that detail of elegance that will make your image unmistakable.